Do CT Heart Scans Build Clincal Volume? Yes!

April 9, 2010

A self-paid $99 CT heart scan should break even on imaging, but can drive millions of dollars of CV business into the system.

As a marketer, I love CT heart scans. They are a fabulous call-to-action for your advertising. I have seen many health systems do a fantastic job promoting these in primary care offices and to consumers.

Why isn’t everyone doing it?

I had a head of cardiology at an academic medical center kill the idea because the American College of Cardiology is ambivalent in their endorsement of CT scans- or non-endorsement of scans is more like it. CT scans have radiation, of course. And they will miss many types of heart disease while possibly showing a clean score on calcium.

But nobody is saying not to get one, they are simply warning that the test is an incomplete heart evaluation on its own.

After the above academic doc killed the idea, a local hospital system picked up the idea and ran with it. The competitor’s increase in equivalent procedures went through the roof- as did their marketshare. I wish my client had put their hesitations aside and at least played defense by promoting the heart scan.

If the calcium score reads anything but zero, insurance pays from then on. It is the green light to great paying patient. And most people in their 50’s or older fail to score a zero.

I am an enthusiastic supporter of using a CT heart scan as your advertising call-to-action. Not only for all the reasons above, but also as a defense to keep a competitor from taking the business from you.