Increasing Patient Volume Through Call Center Technology

June 14, 2010

I laughed the other day when I received an automated voicemail that said, “You have an appointment with…’with your doctor.'”

Not very personal considering they didn’t even go the extra mile to state the name of my physician or the time of the appointment. Lesson learned: those standard voicemails actually matter (especially when they’re a waste of time rather than helpful). Which is why being aware of the latest in call center technology is important to increase your patient volume.

Your healthcare system’s call technology should be making your patients’ lives easier.

Check this out: A study of medical appointments and no-show rates conducted at Johns Hopkins determined that, “Published average show rates (SR) are 58%; young patients and those with low income patients are more likely to not show up. ‘I Forgot’ is the most common reason for a no-show.”

No one wants patient forgetfulness to be a contributing factor to decreased patient volume. Especially when it’s a problem with an easy solution: automated appointment reminders (via text or voicemail).

Here’s a brief checklist to review. How many of these areas are you confident you’re employing the most efficient call center technology to? The communication surrounding these categories should be valuable and convenient to your patients, which are important factors to consistently increase your patient volume.

  • Patient Payment Tracking & Billing
  • Appointment Reminders
  • Office Location/Hours
  • Medical Alerts
  • Prescription Status  & Renewal Reminders
  • Lab Results
  • Annual Checkup Calls
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