John Luginbill speaks on topics related to increasing patient volume, healthcare marketing and strategy and social marketing. 

If you would like more information about John’s on-site workshops to your group, please Email or call him  (317) 684-7777.

“I will customize my presentation to meet your organization’s specific needs. My goal is the to facilitate the outcome you are trying to create and increase your contribution margin, volume and reputation.” John

Turn Up Your Volume Workshop

How to increase patient volume by driving the right patient with the right payer to the right service line.

 One-day Workshop includes:

  • Best practices and case studies
  • How to:
    • Help choose right DRG
    • Define specific target audiences: choose the right patient with the right payer
    • Find right message: Share your benefits and content more than your capabilities
    • Determine opt-in call to action
    • Develop targeted media mix
    • Set-up ways gather results

 Social Marketing Workshop

Workshop shows participants how to create a social media plan which generates ROI, is 85% automated and is comprehensive with all social media outlets.

One-day Workshop includes:

  • Best practices and case studies
  • Assessment of current situation
  • Review of tools available
  • Definition of target audience
  • Creating a point of differentiation
  • Outlining system
  • 60 day next steps for implementation

Additional Presentation Topics Include:

  • 9 Steps to Drive Patient Volume
  • The 3M’s of Hospital Volume Building Marketing Strategy
  • How to Drive Patient Volume Through Social Media
  • Driving Patient volume through Customer Relationship Management
  • How to Use Blogging as a Branding and Positioning Tool
  • Social Media Best Practices: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Blogging

2 Responses to Speaking

  1. Cathy Meyer says:

    I would like to sign up to learn more about “Turn Up Your Volume Workshop.”

  2. I would like to subscribe.

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