Social Media Workshop

If you would like more information about John’s on-site workshops to your group, please Email or call him  (317) 684-7777.


For social media to be useful, it must become social commerce. The Social Move is an eight-week system designed to generate traffic and followers and convert that traffic into measurable ROI

Upon completing the process in just eight weeks, you will have:

  • A fully-automated process that makes you highly visible online by disseminating your information and messages 24/7 — all without significant manpower
  • A comprehensive program of strategy and tactics that includes Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter and other countless — and always changing — options for digital contact points for those who will become fans of your business
  • Inspectable metrics for measurable ROI and monetization of your social program
  • An online reputation management platform to listen and respond to whatever is being said online about your brand

To kick off Week One, you and your team will meet face-to-face with your Coach to set your initial strategy and develop your program details.
Over the course of the next seven weeks, you will be trained on necessary social media tools through The Social Move™ Online Workcamp. You will have weekly phone workshop conferences with your Coach to review progress, make strategic decisions and clearly outline next steps.


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