Ritz Carlton Hospital Consierge Program Is Expanding: Can It Increase Patient Volumes?

So your patient comes into the ED with abdominal pain. Like an increasing amount of the population, she is single, here on a corporate move and so has little community. Now she has been diagnosed with a simple appendicitis requiring a minimally-invasive appendectomy. No problem, right?

No problem for your hospital because this is routine to you. BUT not routine to the patient.

Who will call her family in a far away town? Who will feed her dog? Or walk her dog? Who will contact her employer? Who will make sure groceries and a cleaning service show up to her home? Who will deliver meals the first few days?

If you are a smart business, YOU will be the “who” that does all those things. And if you can’t figure out how to do that, you can now contract Ritz-Carlton to do it.

Most trips to the ED are elective. Meaning, if you are not going in a ambulance in a very emergent situation, you choose where to go. You will choose among a set of hospitals that are close and perceived competent.

And any “elective” procedures will be selected by consumers based on the perceived value – like maternity, or most general surgeries, or orthopedics, or even open craniotomies are elective for crying out loud.

One way to build your value reputation is to provide extraordinary customer service. It is true in any business – including the hospital business.

So Ritz-Carlton is now marketing medical concierge service to hospitals after test marketing the concept in the Philadelphia area. Some hospitals have executed this on their own without a vendor. I am not saying concierge service is  a make-or-break thing for your marketing, but the time has come that you have to consider it.



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