Android Finally Beats iPhone in U.S. Sales – What does that have to do with Increasing Patient Volume???

We can no longer ignore the 50 million smart phone users (and growing) if we are going to be effective marketers.

Here is a link to a short post I wrote about this previously. Since the time of that post, the trend has accelerated.

In number recently tabulated, in the first quarter of 2010, Apple secured a 21% market share, Android surged to 28%, and RIM’s BlackBerry held strong at 36%. And just wait a minute before things change:  Microsoft is due to launch their groundbreaking Windows Phone 7 phones and HP may re-launch Palm’s WebOS with new hardware and enough money to break into the big time.

Want another terrifying stat?? 70% of searches are online in 2010. That means you are probably irrelevant 30% of the time if your website is not mobile friendly.

These type of phones are media machines and studies show our ads have much bigger impact on devices than online or even on TV.

The future in nowtime to get our smartphone program together.



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