Embracing Medical Apps to Increase Patient Volume

According to recent news, texts and apps can improve the health of your patients. With readily-available apps ranging from fitness routines to weightloss programs, there are undoubtedly questions about what this means to hospitals and physicians in relation to patient health. But, the lesson to be learned is that patient care and internal operations can be improved by embracing medical apps. Adaptations are what make it possible to increase your patient volume.

So, if you’re ready to jump in head first, it’s time for a crash-course in medical apps healthcare professionals need to know. These tools can improve your healthcare system and build better relationships with patients to ultimately increase patient volume.

Epocrates ($0-$299): Epocrates is a suite of apps that enable users to check medication dosing, interactions, whether the drug is covered by the patient’s health plan, and more.

AirStrip OB (Free): Lets obstetricians monitor patients’ statuses, such as baby’s heartbeat, remotely. Requires the AirStrip fetal software suite to be installed at the hospital.

Dr. Rounds ($24.99): By keeping track of patients–when and why they were seen–this app assures that any daily visit, consult, or procedure charge is accounted.

Care360 Mobile (Free): Physicians can e-prescribe as well as view patient allergies, lab results, medication history and potential drug interactions directly from the iPhone or iPod touch.

Allscripts Remote (Free): Doctors can review a patient’s summary while speaking with the patient on the iPhone, quickly access prescription details and send up-to-date patient summary information directly to emergency rooms.

Full Code and Full Code Pro ($.99-$1.99): Allows EMS personnel to record the critical interventions during a cardiac arrest.

For more detailed information on how professionals rate these programs, check out this article on Fast Company.



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