Use Social Media to Create a Regional/National Reach AND Increase Patient Volume

Social media tools allow you to generate thought leadership on a local, regional and national level with a limited marketing budget and time expenditure.

Unlike traditional marketing tactics which take large budgets and time commitments to reach a national audience, social media allows you to achieve the same goal in a shorter time with a small financial commitment.

Sounds too good to be true. Social media allows you to engage with your specific target audience at the moment they are looking for information. Take yourself for example, where do you go when you are looking for information? I go to the web.

Being Found Online and Creating Thought Leadership

Follow these five easy steps and you are on your way to being found and famous online. If you do it right, you will convert the traffic into increased patient volume.

  • Create a strategy:  This is the guidepost for your social media program
  • Identify your tools:  Start with 4-5 basic tools
  • Create a routine:  This is a behavioral change and you need to commit to making that change in behavior
  • Content is king:  Start writing. Relevant content is the secret to success
  • Inspect:  Set-up inspections not only of the metrics, but of the effort you and your team are putting into it. What’s measured grows.

Remember, it is not going to be easier tomorrow and you have lots of relevant information people are looking for. Take that information and turn it into patient volume.



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