ENT DRG’s Big Reimbursement Easy Increase in Patient Volume

A fast and easy way to drive bottom-line contribution margin is by targeting allergy sufferers to an informational seminar about how to eliminate their suffering and dependence on drugs. Many of those allergy sufferers will benefit from a quick and easy outpatient sinuplasty procedure – and that is a great thing for your patients and your hospital.

Regular readers know our basic rant here: Your job as a hospital marketer is to drive high-incidence high-contribution clinical intake. Or as we say, drive the right patient with the right payer to the right service line.

Here is a great example that I am seeing executed very well in many hospitals: driving patients in for a quick, easy and effective balloon sinuplasty procedure. The doc quickly makes about $2,000 and the facility takes in about $25,000 in reimbursement with only about $2,500 in expense per use.

Folks, that is about five times better net contribution margin than a CV stent procedure and better net contribution than a typical open heart surgery. AND sinuplasty is a lot easier to drive into the system with no capital investment or additional staff needed.

Sinusitis affects 37 million people each year, making it one of the most common health problems in the U.S. It is more prevalent than heart disease and asthma and has a greater impact on quality of life than chronic back pain or congestive heart failure. Sinusitis is also currently responsible for $8 billion in direct healthcare spending.

The first thing you want to do is ask some of your ENT docs if they are interested – my guess is they will be enthusiastic. They will want to do some research on Acclarent (www.acclarent.com) or others.

Then, especially in the spring and fall, set up weekly seminars for allergy sufferers. Lists are super easy to generate from your CRM or easy to buy.

There is a faster, easier and much more profitable way to drive business than fighting over the CV business with other hospitals. And pardon the pun, all that business has been sitting right under your nose.



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