Increase Patient Volumes By Using Very Specific Symptoms in Messages

Patients and prospective patients do not relate to generalized hospital brand messaging – they just don’t think it applies to them. But a message about a specific ailment or symptom will make them listen and take action.

The Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index  tells us that a vast majority of Americans say they are in good physical health. But they say different things when asked about specific ailments regarding their health.

The point of this post:

Do not be too general in your brand message or consumers will ignore your messages

What we are really getting to here is that even your “brand messaging” needs to be service line or even procedure specific. Consumers will ignore general hospital advertising, but they will take action and contact you if you mention something specifically that is relevant to their current health.

It is tempting to believe you are helping the whole organization when you do branding ads and it’s a very common mistake. But nobody goes to the hospital because of the brand.

Elective procedures happen because either a physician referred the patient (a different topic) or a consumer took action to opt-in to one of your early detection risk assessments or informational events.

So, once again, the more symptom specific you can be- with a clear call-to-action next step – the more likely your advertising and communications will increase patient volume.



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