Build Patient Volumes By Smartphone Marketing

There are about 50 million smart phone owners and the number is growing by millions monthly. So what?!? Hospital marketers need to know that mobile advertising is much more effective than online media in just about every brand metric.

Insight Express does online and mobile research. In their aggregated brand study data, users exposed to online ads show a 2% increase in purchase intent. However users exposed to mobile ad campaigns show a 12% increase in purchase intent. Six times as much.

Mobile blows online away in just about every brand metric including message association and brand favorability.

This is not a pioneering idea anymore. The time for mobile use as marketing media is here today.

Thousands of consumer marketers (some clients of mine) compile very sophisticated brand metrics. They track the acquisition costs of a new customer. If a tactic does not deliver, they quit investing in it. Mobile spending keeps increasing while other media spending is getting trimmed.

I know the negatives: small screen; many types of devices like iPhone, Blackberry, Android; different devices are able to handle video and media rich content; finding the right targeted lists can be tricky; our older demographic targets won’t get it…

But whatever your litany of excuses, hospital marketers are sophisticated enough to customize a built-for-mobile strategy that will return breakthrough results. Simply put: mobile ads work. So now is the time to maximize your media spend by developing and testing mobile messaging.



One Response to Build Patient Volumes By Smartphone Marketing

  1. Marcia Noyes says:

    Excellent insight, John. One of the most difficult barriers for hospitals in developing an app is that of multiple platforms. The company I work for is addressing that for medical providers with the iTriage symptom-to-provider app. The application is available for the iPhone, iPod Touch, Android smartphones and then for all other Web-enabled devices at

    When hospitals partner with a comprehensive and revolutionary product like iTriage, they can be assured that they are reaching the maximum amount of mobile users and capturing those metrics that are so important to mobile campaigns. With all the capabilities that include pushing out marketing videos, specialty information, photos, ER Wait Times, and more, iTriage is truly a hospital billboard in your hand.

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