Increase Patient Volume by Focusing on Prevention, Early Detection, and Wellness

Increasing amount of dollars, especially super-profitable self-pay dollars, are being spent on Prevention, Early Detection, and Wellness. This is profitable business immediately and very profitable downstream when risks are detected.

Baby Boomer dollars are being spent on various types of elective imaging like $99 CT heart scans or PVD screenings, vaccines, full-body dermatology scans, elective early detection lab work (for cancers and other risks) and more. Boomers generally don’t care if insurance pays – they want it anyway.

I have seen a for-profit group of imaging centers drive huge amounts of business focused only on early detection. This group is owed by professional investors- not medical people, but business people. The potential downstream revenue is so great from the imaging that they are now investing in nearby Cardiovascular clinics.

We have a client that has a super early detection blood test for various cancers. Although they have had spotty reimbursement they still enjoy growing sales because boomers want to live forever and are willing to pay for it.

A recent survey found that middle class women fifty years of age and older have two clear priorities: 1) taking care of their families; 2) Wellness.

Both of these things play into your hand as a hospital marketer because she can do both better with your Early Detection, Prevention, and Wellness programs.

If you market to Early Detection, Prevention and Wellness you make lots of money today – while actually helping people. You make even more money downstream from the risks you detect. It is a Win – Win – Win.



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