Understanding Bloggers Will Increase Your Patient Volume

Bloggers have become an extremely influential source of information dissemination. Developing a relationship with bloggers will increase engagements with your brand translating to increased patient volume.

I recently attended a presentation from Rob Müller of Roche Diagnostics about “Lessons from a Blogger Summit.” A summary of Rob’s information is below.

A blogger starts writing because they feel passionately or have a strong interest in a specific target. This means they have a vested interest in what they are choosing to write about. Bloggers’ readers are a direct link to your customers. Your customers are selecting what bloggers are credible and who are not.

Most importantly, bloggers are here to stay. This is not a passing fad. Definitely the role of social media and bloggers will evolve, but it will not go away. Tapping into this influential group increases engagements with your brand translating into more volume.

To engage with a blogger to increase your volume, it is important to understand what bloggers are and are not.

Bloggers are not:

  • Professional journalists
  • Accountable (except to their readership)
  • Physicians or healthcare professionals
  • In it for the $$$$
  • “Off the record”…Ever
  • Billboards or any other advertising
  • Easily swayed
  • On your side (and this is a good thing)
  • Going Away

Bloggers are:

  • Extremely involved
  • Passionate
  • Conversant they know their stuff
  • Crusaders
  • Caregivers
  • Community Organizers
  • Opinionated/skeptical
  • Insular difficult for them to see the big picture
  • Everywhere

Develop a plan to develop relationships with influential bloggers the same way you would with traditional journalists. Look at it this way. They are already talking about you. Would you like to be talking to them!



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