Use Facebook “Like” Button On Your Site to Increase Patient Volume

Friends and family recommendations are the most powerful tool in increasing your patient volume. The Facebook “like” button gives your patients an opportunity to endorse you for all their friends and family to see!

The WallStreet Journal says

“Facebook has focused on tying together people on the Web, mapping out who knows whom. Now, Facebook wants to amp out connections between people and their interests”

By putting the “like” button on your webpage, this action will appear on their news feeds and profile pages, and spread the word about content they find interesting around the web.

When a “like” button is clicked, the item is posted — whether it’s a blog post, photo or celebrity web page — to your Facebook news feed.

The “liked” content may also become part of your Facebook profile, and visible to your friends or to everyone, depending on how your privacy settings are configured on Facebook.

This puts the social network at odds with Google, which also is trying to organize the world’s information by interests and preferences.

What should you do? Add the “like” button to your web pages to allow patients to endorse you!

 (Editor’s note: is still working on how to get the “like” button on the site, but we have put it on



One Response to Use Facebook “Like” Button On Your Site to Increase Patient Volume

  1. mbilskie says:

    I never realized it could have such an effect.

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