Online Relationships Increase Profitable Patient Volume

If you want more patients, you have to make them want you.

If you truly want your hospital to be viewed as a vital part of your community and not “just another hospital,” you won’t get there using pretty marketing telling consumers how great you are. You must show consumers that you have the expertise they are looking for, and that you are willing to share it with them…ON THEIR TERMS.

Consensual marketing is sometimes called opt-in marketing. It is a process through which prospective or current customers solicit your help because they believe you are offering something of value. They then request you to stay in contact them as an adviser, initiating the opportunity for a strong, long-term relationship on their terms.

Contrast that to the model that most health systems currently use: a one-way push model that bombards the public with interruptive and unsolicited marketing/advertising that delivers messages entirely on the health systems’ terms.

A worthy read on this topic is Opt-In Marketing, by Ernan Roman and Scott Hornstein. Roman and Hornstein introduce a seven-step process called the Consensual Marketing Opt-In Process that engages customers in information sharing in which they receive timely, powerful and relevant messages that THEY define.

We have effectively employed this process to drive cardiovascular procedures, joint replacement, back and spine surgery, cancer surgeries and bariatric programs.

Through consensual marketing, you can engage in a meaningful dialogue with your current and prospective patients. And, in the process, you can reduce your media costs, show measurable revenue, immediately impact your bottom line and positively affect the health of your community.



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