What Does Hulu, iPad, and Product Placement mean to Patient Volume?

Ability to reach consumers and doctors is full of new and expanding possibilities while some of the old media methods are diminishing.

Hulu, the two year old online video hub, is now profitable. Meaning, people are going there to download or stream TV shows and movie content.

The iPad is going to stream shows from ABC, NBC, and CBS. So lots of free commercial free TV will be available there.

Product Placement is a hot media that places brands within the story. Studios are more likely to greenlight a project with sponsors than with an A-list star.

The New York Times is reporting that 90%+ of their revenue comes from the printed editions. Unfortunately for them now 90%+ of their readership comes from online editions.

Why Do You Care About These Random Facts?

The old ways of driving volume with traditional media are becoming less effective and less cost-effective every minute.

And the speed of change in media is only increasing. By 2014, the majority of us will get our entertainment and news content on our mobile device.

Why You Don’t Care

Because our main target is 55+. These are the people who are likely to need our high-contribution high-incidence CV, Ortho, and Cancer procedures. Except for OB maternity business, our targets are the last remaining stronghold of old media. We generally can still reach our older targets with older media.

What Do You Do Next?

  1. Don’t panic and do anything crazy. Our targets are older, so we can move in a focused and deliberate way toward the future. But…
  2. Accept Reality. Accept the fact that change is here
  3. Team Drill: In 10 minutes, list how many ways we could get a message across if we could not use TV, Radio, Newspaper, Print, Email, Outdoor, or Banner Ads on Local Websites. How many new ways of communicating can you come up with in 5 minutes (You’ll be surprised)
  4. Social Media: find out whatever you can about how to execute meaningful dialogs with you targets




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