Do Online Screenings Actually Drive Patient Volume?

YES! Online screening rocks!

I get asked all the time if online risk assessments lead to increases in clinical volume. I am very enthusiastic about the short-term and long-term effects of a comprehensive digital strategy and that should always include online risk assessments.


  • online screening can drive measurable results
  • it can change marketshare- and very few marketing tactics can do that
  • it can reposition you to take the leadership in early detection and wellness- a very meaningful differentiation to women in their late 40’s to early 60’s
  • it takes less personnel to administrate and less money to promote than traditional volume drivers like physician referral programs
  • the results can be immediate – there is very little lag time from startup to patient admissions
  • the results actually build – meaning you will make more money from your efforts in years 2 and 3 than you did from year 1

Still it is a shock to me that many hospital marketers still don’t believe in online screenings. Most of these programs are sold to service line leaders, but marketers should be spending media budgets to execute online risk assessment programs.

A favorite of mine is the HealthAware program from Byrne Healthcare .  This program and ones like them are not cheap, but the ROI is fast and measurable. You gotta love that.

My advice: If you are not doing online early detection, start today.



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