12 Blogger Do’s & Don’ts to Increase Your Patient Volume

Social media allows you to fish where the fish are. By delivering value messages about your organization to bloggers you will increase your patients volumes.

Rob Müller from Roche Diagnostics gave a great presentation about the Do’s & Don’ts to developing relationships with bloggers.

Rob discusses how social media is here to stay and if you bury your head in the sand, you will get your butt kicked. Bloggers are having conversations about your company everyday, so participation in the conversation allows you to have some impact on that conversation.

About Bloggers

Bloggers are people first, patients second, bloggers third and community fourth. If you can keep all these things straight they may also be a customer.

If you are new to blogger relationships, don’t go into the minefield without map. Follow these three easy steps:

  • Contact someone who knows the field (an expert blogger in that area)
  • Apply the same rules of traditional media relations
  • Follow Rob’s easy blogger do’s and don’ts

Blogger Do’s

  • Treat them professionally
  • Be loose and conversational, but authoritative
  • Bone up on social media
  • Know blogging/web 2.0 terms

Blogger Don’ts

  • Talk down to them or joke about not being real journalists
  • Speak in sound bites and corporate speak
  • Blithely talk about social media
  • Get defensive and hide
  • Argue with bloggers, they always have the last word
  • Succumb to the urge to respond to bloggers grumblings
  • Believe (1) out to get you, (2) true allies (3) will keep anything between you and them

Bloggers are your friend and can be a strong ally to increasing your patient volume. Use the same rules which apply to traditional journalists, but understanding the differences will be critical to your success.



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  1. Awesome photos! I adore the post so much! 😉

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