Three Ways Text Messages Can Increase Patient Volume

86% of the U.S. population own a cell phone and the typical mobile subscriber sends and receives more text messages than phone calls. You can use text message campaigns to develop a relationship with patients, exchange information and promote your benefits which will result in an increase in patient volume.

HealthLeaders looks at Three Ways Text Messages Can Improve Healthcare Marketing.

Fundraising Campaigns

Not only is it ideal from a donor’s perspective (it’s much easier to give money when you don’t have to enter your credit card number), but it can be immediately attributed to the campaign ROI.

Community Education

Text campaigns may also prove to be an effective way to promote healthy behavior in your hospital’s community and encourage preventative care.

The mobile phone is transforming how health services are delivered,” said Dr. Frederick Muench, clinical psychologist and founder of Mobile Health Interventions, in a release. “There is now substantial evidence that text messaging programs are effective adjunctive and standalone interventions for a range of problem behaviors.”

Helpful Information

Lastly, Truth On Call, a paid service that rolled out in January, allows cell phone users to text medical questions to a panel of doctors, according to the New York Times “Bits Blog”. The initiative is not only aimed at patients, but also journalists, financial analysts, pharma executives, and other doctors.

“Information is being exchanged very, very quickly in people’s personal and professional lives, but healthcare has yet to tap into the feed,” Rosina Samadani, Truth On Call founder, told The Times. “This is a way for folks to get answers from thousands of physicians within minutes or hours.”

Now is the time for you to try a text message campaign. I know it seems daunting, but start small and watch it grow.



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