The Key To CV Patient Volume Increases- PV Screenings

I know how you can add millions of dollars to your bottom line fast– by screening for peripheral vascular disease.

You may be running a very good CV program, but equivalent procedures are off anyway. Why? Statin drugs actually work. Drug eluting stents work. Boomers are a whole lot healthier that we thought they’d be.

So why is PV the growth area?

  1. PV is way under diagnosed
  2. It is a high-incidence disease
  3. It is easy to treat (cath lab, surgery, imaging)
  4. It has rich reimbursement – even from medicare
  5. Interventional Cardiologist made an estimated 9 – 11% less money last year- here is a way to help them re-coop their losses
  6. You already have the staff
  7. No new capital investment is required

Your Next Steps-

Start screening appropriate inpatient and outpatients (especially for any bariatric or diabetic patient); provide ultrasound screenings for the carotid artery, abdominal aortic screening, ankle-brachial index (ABI) and peripheral arterial screenings.

Targeting Peripheral Vascular Disease is great marketing: targeting a high-contribution, high-incidence procedure all by leveraging existing assets. This is the kind of marketing that contributes to the financial sustainability of the health system- and that is why health system marketing exists.




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