Use Checklists To Efficiently Build Patient Volume

Doctors are discovering The Checklist Manifesto- How To Get Things Right by surgeon Atul Gawande will greatly improve patient outcomes. Hospital marketers are discovering the same principles greatly improve marketing outcomes.

Dr. Gawande’s hot book shows how checklists tame the complexities in patient care and saves lives. All kinds of simple mistakes are avoided like are we operating on the right patient.

This simple use of checklists has reduced surgery deaths by nearly half. The checklist at Johns Hopkins Hospital required doctors to confirm something as simple as they washed their hands before inserting a central line. Stunningly, the central line infection rate fell from 11% to zero.

Show me a pilot without a checklist and I will show you a pilot that will eventually crash.”

The famously wise and pithy Charlie Munger (better known as Warren Buffet’s partner) said the above quote as a metaphor about managing complexity in business and it is true in marketing.

So what is a marketing checklist?

I have a process here at THE HEAVYWEIGHTS called The Brand Breakthrough Process that lists every detail we have ever found that influences the success or failure in a marketing campaign. I am amazed how efficient our company has become since we made the decision to begin documenting a continually-evolving process.

P&G famously invented Brand Management and Category Management. Their famous marketing process, The Brand Framework, is protected securely like the formula for Coke. I had to sign a complicated non-disclose to work with P&G and their process. That shows you how valuable it is to P&G.

How do you start your own marketing process checklist? Easy, start writing down what you do. First include anything you think is critical to your success. Then include steps to avoid things you never want to happen again.

You will be thrilled at how much you already know and how much starting this process will lead to Continuous Process Improvement.

You should read The Checklist Manifesto ASAP. Because the medical community is talking about it and because it will make you a much better hospital marketer.



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