Increase Volume by Engaging the Majority of Women Who Go Online First With Health Questions

By providing valuable information online, your hospital will increase patient volume by engaging the majority of women who go online first with health questions.

A study by iVillage illustrates how heavily online women rely on the Internet as a health resource before turning to a family member or visiting a doctor. The study shows that the Internet is often women’s first destination for insights and solutions for everyday health questions.

  • 4 out of 5 (82%) women say anonymous peer networking and sharing common experiences drives them online for health matters.
  • 64% say they use online communities to discuss health concerns or questions that they have not discussed with anyone else.
  • 49% say online is the first place they would go to research a health question, nearly double the number who say they would go to a doctor first

So how do you take advantage of this information to increase your patient volumes? Implement a comprehensive social media strategy using the following principles:

  • Identify your specific target
  • Create a point of differentiation
  • Share your benefit more than your capabilities (it is about them!)
  • Automate (social media demands constant updating, but you don’t have time for that- the solution is the automate)

By implementing this strategy, you will increase your volumes. Look at it this way, you are online reading this post-what are your patients online reading right now. It could be information you provided!




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