Get FIT to Build G.I. Patient Volumes

You can quickly and profitably build gastrointestinal patient volumes by targeting those who need a Fecal Immunochemical Test (F.I.T.)

By mailing out the easily self-administered fecal occult blood test – better known as a F.I.T. kit – to a targeted list you will drive a predictable volume of patients.

BTW- Who needs a F.I.T. kit? Just about everyone over 50 years old, but the target can get even sharper than that if you want.

A Real Life Case Study

A mid-market hospital sent out 10,000 kits to a targeted list:

6% were returned… or 600 kits were sent back to the lab for testing

60% of those 600: 360 returned were positive for cancer

90% of those 360: 324 chose to take the next step with the hospital (colonoscopy, other lab work, other images)

20% of the 324: 65 patients needed ongoing medical care like surgeries, imaging, medical oncology, radiation oncology, inpatient care, etc.

Here Is The Business Case You Must Understand: The whole program cashflowed from Day One

The return envelope included a pre-signed doctor’s order for lab work – which makes everything reimbursable from the very beginning of the program.

The total bottom line Contribution Margin for mail sent to 10,000 households was in the tens of millions by the end of year two. Not at bad investment for 10,000 pieces of mail.



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