Meet Meg- The Air Traffic Controller of Patient Volume

There is a person who greatly controls who provides healthcare services. I call her “Meg.”

Get to know everything about your demographic target, get your doctors and colleagues to name and discuss your target by that name, and soon you will also get to know increases in profitable clinical volumes.

This illustration is simply an artist’s compilation of the traits of our primary demographic profile. I also have written profile outlines and have even put together a Coach purse (one of her favorite brands) with the likely contents our target will carry around with her.

Meg is in her fifties. She is relatively rich and has a great payer. She spends time online and has two main interests: 1) Taking care of her family, and 2) Wellness

First of all, why do we name her then illustrate what she looks like?

Because this gives us all a common vocabulary. And that vocabulary gives us an immediate way to bring marketing focus to everyone in the hospital.

Now when a doctor wants to be on a billboard, or an administrator wants to talk about outcomes like every other hospital in town, or any other off-message-brand-damaging-crazy idea that gets suggested, you can simply say, “How will that be important to Meg?” Or maybe, “How will that help Meg send a patient here?”

Why do we call her the Air Traffic Controller of Healthcare?

She makes healthcare decisions for her aging parents. She suggests pediatric and OB care to her daughters and daughters-in-laws. And she and her husband are becoming increasing consumers of CV, Ortho, and Cancer services.

She is unbelievably informed and disseminates healthcare provider information quickly. She and her friends made Dr. Oz famous. She loves learning and discussing wellness and healthcare information with her friends.

Every service line has a tweaked demographic target, but the general hub for most of high-contribution high-incidence clinical intake in my organization is “Meg.”  I suggest you define and name your target too.



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