10 Ways For HealthCare Organizations to Build Trust and Increase Patient Volume

A panel of experts a the SXSW conference discusses the intersection between health and social media. Specifically looking at the topic of building trust for healthcare systems.

Building trust is a critical step in developing a relationship with your patients and therefore increasing your patient volumes.

The Panel featured:

The aim of the final session was to brainstorm ways that healthcare organizations could overcome the barriers and build more trust and credibility.

They settled on 10 Steps to Build Trust (and volume)!

  1. Listen to and implement ideas from the community.
  2. Have shared values on good health.
  3. Answer your patient’s or customer’s concerns directly.
  4. Aggregate or curate useful information.
  5. Serve as a resource or guide for the community.
  6. Set expectations on what you do and why.
  7. Focus on setting a clear mission for employees.
  8. Communicate results and outcomes.
  9. Recognize both sides of the issue or data.
  10. Build trusted long-term relationships.



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