Evidence-Based Marketing: The Key to Volume Building

There is much talk in clinical healthcare about Evidence-Based Decision Making- but the key to marketing success and job security in the marketing department is Evidenced-Based Marketing.

What’s hot for clinicians should be even hotter for marketing departments.

How do you make evidenced-based decisions in marketing?

  • clearly define the objectives before you design a campaign
  • engage finance, decision support, or whomever is the keeper of admissions data and financial data. This collaboration is key to getting great metric information
  • everyone in finance and marketing must clearly agree on what data will be gathered and how it will be evaluated (you must know what you are shooting at to hit the target)
  • set expectations that all information will be used to Review & Revise marketing plans- not that you are expecting everything you do to be perfect. This information is used for Continuous Process Improvement

Get started working to build a collaborative marketing evidence gathering system and you will reap the rewards of continually improving marketing. This is good for the financial sustainability of the health system and the job security of hospital marketers.




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