Build Patient Volume With A “Welcome Interruption”

The key to driving new measurable business: talk to the people who want to hear from you. Great segmentation leads to “welcome interruptions“.

Database management, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools, research and product usage information is getting sooooooooo scary accurate that there is really no need to interrupt people who do not want to hear about whatever product or service you are selling.

Becoming More Like E-Harmony And Less Like An Advertiser

You know what E-Harmony is: it is not a hook-up website for daters. It is a place that matches people with common goals, common values, common expectations who are ready to make a commitment in a relationship.

Marketers can learn from E-Harmony. We should not be selling to everyone with money like some common ho. We should save tons of money, time and resources by doing careful segmenting to find those that are likely to have a real interest in what we are offering.

An Example From An Orthopedics Campaign

A CRM list was generated to send mail for a shoulder pain seminar. Only about 10 people showed up and the surgeon was disappointed. It was discovered that the list they used was generated for a knee pain seminar.

So what?!?

Segmentation is getting so good that those with likely knee pain are not exactly like those with likely shoulder pain. The list was rerun for shoulders… 50+ people attended this time with all other things being equal…but the segmented list.

Taking time to segment by specific procedure is critical to spending less per campaign for better results. Now when a patient sees your communications, it becomes a “Welcome Interruption” that will probably lead to a new patient.



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