Build Patient Volume and Your Reputation By Virtual Innovation

You don’t have to be a technology pioneer to reap the advantages of being considered a thought-leader… you just have to test programs and then leverage the PR.

Have you seen the ads for Cisco in which actress Ellen Page televisits her doctor in Denmark from Nova Scotia? Check it out. Evidently, the days of virtual doctor’s office visits are here.

In fact, with just about everyone being able to Skype with their grandchildren, we in healthcare can no longer act like we are oblivious to everyday technological advances. That makes us look like we are too out of touch to understand the latest complications in healthcare.

Also worth checking out is the Virtual Practice Project at Mass General. They have found that patients are taking to televisits like a duck to water. Patients are managing the visits right out of their health portals (read more about portals).

Of course you can’t turn-your-head-and-cough over the computer, but current systems do capture health data like blood sugar, blood pressure, and heart rate.

You need to set up a trial or small pilot program of something televisit oriented and then leverage the publicity. This is low cost and very effective marketing.

Here is the big marketing advantage:

It Builds The Reputation of the Hospital as Competent and Current

The press will eat it up and you will enhance the hospital reputation for very little cost. You gotta love that. Skype me if you want to discuss…



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