Become the “Patient Distribution Czar” to Increase Patient Volumes

Sort the patients that come into the health system through advertising and communications to quickly increase your clinical volumes and build great relationships with physicians. We humbly call this being “The Patient Distribution Czar“.

Let me give you a real-life example from a cardiovascular marketing program:

A campaign drove thousands of patients into risk assessments- both at events and online. Of a typical 1000 patients, because they targeted correctly, about 400 failed a CV screening. Of those 400, about 200 opted-in and asked to see a cardiologist.

Wow! Successful campaign, right? Then why were the CV doctors so angry? Because their office staff became overwhelmed with appointment requests- and most of those patients did not need to see a cardiologist.

Oooops. What did we learn?

First we learned that cardiologists are upset when you clog up their appointments with someone who should have seen a Primary Care doc. They are even more upset when the leg pain that caused the failure in a CV screening turns out to be an orthopedic problem.

There is a way to make everyone in the whole system happy and raise the perceived value of the marketing department. You must distribute the patients.

Step One:

When a patient fails an online screening, a nurse should call them back immediately (stats show the lead is cold in 72 hours). The nurse should walk through their screening answers with them- make sure they understood and put in the correct numbers.

If indeed this is still a high-risk patient then…

Step Two:

Set up a face-to-face meeting with a Nurse Practitioner or an RN for a cursory exam. That nurse should determine if a cardiology consult is needed- or if very severe symptoms exist, an immediate ER visit. Also maybe that leg pain is a ortho problem and a consult with an orthopedic surgeon is the right next appointment.

Everybody in the health system is now happy. You are building PC practices, CV practices, and other specialties as needed. Now the money spent to find patients is paying off by plugging patients into the system efficiently for your physicians while truly improving patient health.



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