The Fastest Way To Increase Patient Volumes- Capitalize On The Co-Risks

Marketing to your existing patients is not only the fastest to increase patient volumes, but also the cheapest way. And Bonus: It is the kindest thing you can do to serve your patients.

We all have enough statistics to know that our patients are very likely to have one or more co-morbidity.

Recently we got a peek at a proprietary normative database. “Normative” means it is set up as a benchmark of what is “normal” statistically speaking.

There were some surprising learnings in there. Here are a small amount of practical examples:

  • Did you know that anyone that fails a simple CV risk assessment, whether or not they have an actual CV problem, have a 30% chance of needing an orthopedic procedure? Or a 10% chance of having cancer?
  • If they fail a cancer exam, the numbers are flipped: and 30% chance of a CV problem and 10% chance of a ortho problem
  • If they are a bariatric patient, they will fail a PVD screening 99% of the time and have over 30% chance of needing a joint replacement
  • If your hospital is like everyone else’s, then over 60% of your inpatients have a primary or secondary diagnose of diabetes. The list of likely co-morbidity issues is huge with diabetes- but those patients are rarely cross screened while being treated.

It is worth the hassle to ask your medical staff to allow patient cross-screenings for a co-morbidity. It is the right thing to do for the health of the patient and the right thing to do for the financial health of the hospital.



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