What the Effie Awards Can Teach Us About Building Patient Volumes

Your marketing and communications can have effective and measurable results. I know it is true, I have seen hundreds of examples as a judge at the Effie Awards.

The Effie Awards, arguably the most prestigious and coveted awards in all of marketing because they are awarded for effectiveness (defined as verifiable and measurable results).

I have been hugely honored to be asked to be on the judging panel. Unfortunately most all the entries are from consumer brands including the makers of beer, fast food restaurant chains, soft drinks, snack food manufacturers, etc. What if we in the healthcare world became as effective at selling healthy alternatives?

To win a coveted Effie you must be able to do four things:

#1 Define Your Market Challenges

Understanding your exact situation is the key to solving your problems. You have to think about and define your challenges.

#2 In One Sentence, State Your Big Idea

If you can’t say it in one sentence, the Big Idea does not exist. By “Big Idea”, I mean your breakthrough strategy. Where are you going to play and how are you going to win?

#3 Cleverly Design How Your Big Idea Will Come To Life

There are two elements to this. First, you must determine what your campaign look and feel like- meaning make it engage and delight your target audience (Important to note here: engage and delight your target– not yourself or your management- your target). Secondly, you need to find a surprising and effective media mix.

#4 Outline Your Metrics And Intended Results

I always say, “What is measured grows… what is measured and reported grows exponentially.”  If you haven’t set up how you will measure and report, your marketing in doomed from the beginning.

I am inspired by the great and effective work I have seen as a judge at the Effie Awards. My hope is that someday healthcare providers will be winning awards here, not just those great at selling junk food.



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