Hospital Volume Building Marketing Strategy – The 3M’s

Here is a great short hand way to make sure you have thought through a great marketing strategy to build service line volume: The 3M’s. Market-Target, Motivating Message, and Movement. (I know we are kinda cheating by making “market-target” one word and Motivating Message count as one M… but this is still helpful information so keep reading anyway.)

Market-Target: First determine the size or the market and the current trends. Then determine the target (person) in the market that is most likely to value what you do.

You need to know if the market is big enough to pay you back for your effort and expense and if there are enough people who will truly value what you are trying to sell. Don’t be general, be specific to the service within the specific service line. For example, an orthopedic shoulder surgery market-target is very different from a joint replacement market-target.

Motivating Message: Craft a message that the target will be surprised and delighted to hear. If you can find that message then the next step is much easier.

Movement: Be very specific about a next step or action you want your target to take. Maybe it is to call a phone number, or visit an event, or website, or go to a retail partner to pick up more information or whatever tactic you are using. Just be very specific. This is how you measure the success of the campaign.

The 3Ms (or maybe more accurately named The 4Ms and a T) are a simple way to make sure you have done thorough thinking about your strategy.



4 Responses to Hospital Volume Building Marketing Strategy – The 3M’s

  1. Really Good Articles/posts that you have on this site. Thanks

  2. Good stuff here on this post, if anyone else is reading the comment section you should check out the rest of this guys articles becouse he knows what he is talking about

  3. Interesting post. Thanks for share

  4. Interesting insight, amazed I never thought of that by myself

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