A Simple Digital Strategy that Drives Patient Volume

Relationships = volume.

Social media allows you to connect with patient and prospective patients on a more personal level. You can deliver relevant information to them at the moment they are looking for it opening a dialogue with patients even before they enter your system.

73% of companies say social media is part of their overall interactive strategy but less than 40% have a social media strategy.

“Social Media Top Online Priority in 2010,” an article from MarketingProfs, highlights this trend and goes on to highlight that only 39.9% of companies have a 6-12 month digital strategy and less than half of those people are confident with that strategy.

This presents an enormous opportunity to drive patient volume with a strong integrated digital strategy. By providing relevant content to your current patients, it has the potential to spread virally to their personal networks and communities.

Sound like a daunting task? You can begin to see results in patient volumes as early as within 60 days by following a few simple steps:

  1. Identify your target audience
  2. Develop relevant messages for the audience
  3. Implement a process for consistent updating
  4. Measure and don’t forget to evolve



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