Leverage Primary Stroke Center Certification to Increase Neurology Business

You can drive profitable Neurology business by simply leveraging the benefits of primary stroke center certification and mailing it to every employer and every consumer over 50 years old, within a radius of 75% of the distance to the nearest other Primary Stroke Center.

How do you let them know?

  • Create a one-page one-sided flier on the benefits of Primary Stroke Center Certification, point out the need to identify a stroke within the first 180 minutes.
  • Distribute the flyer to every employer and seniors and community center within a 75% of the distance of the nearest other Primary Stroke Center facility
  • Along with the flier, enclose a magnet with the big headline “Stroke: you only have 180 minutes or less. Act Now!” with the symptoms of stroke, the benefits of Primary Stroke Certification  and locations of your Emergency Departments
  • Pitch the broadcast and print media with engaging stories/examples of how disaster was averted by quickly getting the patient to a Primary Stroke Center- make survivors available for interview
  • The media particularly likes telemedicine stories about someone that was saved electronically by quick remote diagnosis and tPA dosage at one of your affiliated facilities
  • Do a custom URL (www.yourhospital/stroke) that outlines quick accessible information about symptoms and next steps
  • Make symptom and next step information mobile friendly. Then have your Health Promotions team teach how to access a stroke information website from a mobile phone. Seniors love these types of learning opportunities.



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