Billboard Advertising Will Not Help Build Service Line Patient Volume

The two most important words on a billboard: Next Exit

There is no case study anywhere that concludes that an outdoor campaign drove patients to a hospital or physician practice. And, believe me, I have looked at hundreds of hospital campaigns.

Outdoor advertising has it’s place- mostly as a directional resource. But it is an expensive and ineffective place to tell a brand story. There is a better way using of hundreds of other media alternatives.

I get it: Doctors want to drive down the road and see themselves on a billboard. Outdoor may be worth it to keep your doctors happy, but it is not driving business.

A complete media mix that will drive actual patient volumes includes some traditional advertising, but also huge doses of screening events and seminars, social media, online reputation management, laser-targeted mailings that drive specific DRG’s, blogging and online videos by key physicians, publicity events and community events, and more.

There is no easy way to increase patient volume by just buying billboards. It takes a well conceived strategy and full media mix of surprising tactics.

The Good News is that this type of alternative media innovation will gain the hospital and physicians much more exposure for much less money.



4 Responses to Billboard Advertising Will Not Help Build Service Line Patient Volume

  1. Anonymous says:

    Can you provide more information on this? cheers

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  3. Marcia Noyes says:

    The most effective way to drive patients to select a physician or a particular medical provider is catching them at the exact moment they have a problem and then matching them up with the providers closest to them who can meet their medical needs.

    iTriage is a free, consumer medical app that does just that. iTriage is a billboard in your hand! The iTriage model includes thousands of symptoms, diseases and medical procedures. In this past month smartphone users have searched the database more than 2 million times, so consumers are always searching the database for their specific medical problem. The software then directs the user to the most appropriate point of care by including every hospital, urgent care, retail clinic, physician and pharmacy within its database. The providers that are winning are those that are using iTriage to provide videos, average ER Wait Times, specialties, photos, etc that helps the end user select their specific facility.

    iTriage provides a strategic marketing model for medical providers and a valuable resource to consumers.

    Marcia Noyes
    Director of Marketing/PR
    Healthagen, LLC

  4. Samepoint, is a tool to track your reputation within social media.

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