Targeting Patients Online to Increase Patient Volume

41% of people are turning to the web first to find health information.

It goes without saying effective advertising reaches the desired target audience in their community. The question is where is your target audience’s community?

Let’s consider a few statistics.

  • Social media has overtaken porn as #1 activity on the web
  • 86% of physicians are gathering health information on the internet
  • 80% of twitter usage is on mobile devices
  • Only 18% of television campaigns generate a positive ROI and 90% of people who can TiVo through ads

It is safe to say people are no longer just living in their physical community, but their virtual community (online and mobile) as well.

The scary reality is people are “advertising” your brand if you like it or not.

25% of search results for the world’s top 20 largest brands are links to user-generated content. Even scarier 78% of consumers trust peer recommendations and only 14% trust advertisement.

Meaning even if your target does read your advertising message, it doesn’t have as great of an impact as the user-generated content.

The technology part of social media is a commodity—it is the content which creates the competitive advantage.

Successful companies today act more like party planners, aggregators and content providers. Take the over tens of millions of reviews on That amount of user-generated content makes competing with Amazon very difficult for competitors even though the technology is widely available.

So how do you evolve your marketing strategy to take into account the projected $500 million m-commerce (mobile phone) in 2009?

Don’t panic! Take a look at where your target audience’s community is and create a comprehensive strategy (digital, experiential, traditional & publicity) which reaches them in this community with relevant messages.

Remember, more than ever content is King especially if your customers disseminate it.



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