4 Easy Steps to Driving Patient Volume By Connecting on Facebook

Facebook allows people including you to connect with their community online and share in-depth information about their lives.

With the right strategy, Facebook can help you can build your volume, fundraise and create active advocates by targeting content to topics your patients feel passionate about.

Many people only go to a doctor or a hospital when they need to. An effective Facebook program allows you to integrate into everyday life. This integration connects you on a  personal level and drives a measurable results for your health system.

The four easy steps below allow you to create a strategy for reaching and engaging with your Facebook community.

  1. Know your audience
  2. Provide quality(relevant) regular content
  3. Encourage discussion and engagement
  4. Do take yourself to seriously

For more information on how to start your Facebook page, visit Mashable.com’s “The Facebook Guide Book.

Mashable.com’s Facebook 101 will help you understand the basics, manage your Facebook wall, see how you can use Facebook for your business. Get in there and start today. It is not going to get any easier starting tomorrow!



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