The Three Keys To Building Breast Cancer Patient Volume

An Academic Medical Center drove an additional 9700+ mammograms in just nine months, generating $2.7 million dollars in net Contribution Margin from imaging, lab work and biopsy surgeries.

Later much more Contribution Margin was realized from additional surgeries, medical oncology, and radiation.

They did this without advertising price discounts on mammograms, adding new facilities or recruiting new doctors. They also did this in spite of the national trend that fewer women are getting mammograms.

How did they do it? Of course they targeted the right demographic audience with a well executed and creative campaign- but every health system does that. What made their results so extraordinarily successful?

  1. Be willing to do mammograms at convenient times (They understood that women are busy. Mammograms have to happen after work and on weekends.)
  2. Make scheduling convenient with online and mobile sign up (If she can easily sign up on her computer at work or 24/7 when she has a minute, she is hundreds of times more likely to sign up.
  3. Make it a girls group thing (They ran programs like “Good Morning Mammogram” that had group coffee on weekends or “Girls Night Out” that started with a mammogram. She was likely to go if recruited by her friends.)

Your mammogram marketing is probably 99% of the way there. But by adding the three keys above into your marketing, the last 1% can bring explosive growth.



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