How Can Google Buzz Drive Patient Volume?

Social Media drives patient volume by connecting relevant content to patients when they are searching for it.

With the over 176 million Gmail users, Google Buzz has a large audience of perspective patients for you to connect with.

With the addition of Google Buzz to the social media landscape one thing remains true, the social media landscape is constantly changing.

Douglas MacMillan’s Business Week article, describes the situation as:

‘Ultimately, Google Buzz can succeed without taking share from social network rivals, Jackson admits. “We don’t think there is a finite pie where everyone is competing for a slice,” he says. “We think over time the pie increases in size.”‘

With over 176 million users of Gmail, Google has a ready audience to tap into with Google Buzz. So what does Google Buzz offer? Google Buzz, a service for sharing short messages, images, videos, and links to articles on the Web.


  • Gmail users will be able to write a message about what they’re doing, or upload multimedia, and share it with everyone in their contact list.
  • Then, certain friends and colleagues—those with Gmail and whom the user has allowed to view messages—can jump in with commentary.

So how can you use Google Buzz to drive patient volume? Follow the same easy process for all your social media tools:

  • Develop a comprehensive digital strategy
  • identify your target
  • Connect to them with consistent relevant messages
  • Evolve your strategy as the landscape changes



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