Nine Steps To Drive Measurable Patient Volume

With 9 simple steps, hospital marketing can go from an expense to a revenue producer.

My basic philosophy is that is if hospital marketing departments do not drive patient volume in a measurable way, they will always be an overhead expense.

But if hospital marketers deliver measurable Return on Investment (ROI), they will be valued as a key component of long-term sustainability.

Here are my nine proven things you can start doing right away to begin driving measurable patient volume.

  1. Target a very specific patient (No General Targets like “women 35 – 64”. Every service line has a specific segment of the market they are targeting- many have several. Ortho, for instance, has different segmentation for joint replacement, shoulder surgery and sports medicine)
  2. Collaborate with Finance to set measurable goals (Maybe admissions data. Maybe filter out previous patients. Whatever it is, set it upfront.)
  3. Choose your DRG’s wisely the most profitable DRG’s where the organization has excess capacity (Where do you have capacity AND Contribution Margin? Where those intersect is your sweet spot.)
  4. Target “pre-episode patients” (For immediate results, risk assessments and seminars will bring in patients faster than you can effect a change in referral patterns. We recently saw a CV program drive over 400 new procedures this way.)
  5. Master the 3M’s: 1) Media Mix, 2) Message, and 3) Movement ( 1) reach your target in surprising places where they can listen; 2) use a message that will stir them to action; 3) and then clearly give a call to action so they know exactly what to do next.)
  6. Opt-In Marketing is not optional (Don’t talk at them, give them an opportunity to ask you questions. Start a dialog.)
  7. Become the Patient Distribution Czar (We believe the Marketing Department is best suited to set up a system to sort patients that ask for risk assessments.)
  8. Capitalize on Co-risks (See #7 above. Did you know 30% of Ortho patients have a CV problem that needs surgery? Or 45% of CV patients have either an ortho or cancer problem? Once you find these profitable patients, sort and distribute them.)
  9. Follow the downstream revenue (You set up the metrics with finance in step #2, now track these patients through the system. Marketing job security depends on it!)

For more information on the 9 steps, download the Free “9 Things all Healthcare marketers should do to drive the right patient with the right payer to the right service line” eBook.



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