Drive Patient Volume into the Right Facilities Through Customer Relationship Management

Academic medical centers typically have many facilities at which their services are offered. But, the goal is no longer to just drive the right patient into the right service line, but now you must drive them into the right facility.

By utilizing a customer relationship management tool to drive the right patient volume into the right service lines and facilities, you will accomplish:

  1. Reduced costs for marketing
  2. Better targeted outreach
  3. Managed ROI reporting from preset measurable objectives

Over the past five years, hospital inpatient and outpatient admissions are growing at a much smaller rate than non-hospital based outpatient services.

A clear case in the point being outpatient surgeries. Increasingly, outpatient surgeries are moving to non-hospital based settings, taking with them the observation, follow-up and possibly some Med surg volumes – Healthcare Management Blog

In addition to assessing capacity, outcomes and profitability per facility, it’s time to better target your consumers and drive them into the better defined facilities through customer relationship management.

Once a service line has defined its core targets through primary and secondary data and the message has been crafted accordingly, a customer relationship management tool can hone in on that target hitting them with direct mail, email or any other direct marketing.

An additional benefit to more precisely targeting your marketing efforts is that you can drive elective procedure volume into those preset facilities and open up the beds in the facilities that are able to take on the high acuity, high profitability cases.



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