Patient-Centered Strategy Drives Patient Volume

Thinking creatively about all the service to offer health care consumers what they really want can drive volume from new sources.

New sources of competition are emerging in health care, including physicians who used to be your best patient referral sources. And now patients are asserting themselves in decision-making, expecting more transparency with outcome and price data.

If Health care organizations implement a real patient-centered strategy, thinking creatively about all the services they can provide to give health care consumers what they really want, volume can be driven in from new sources.

Hospitals and Health Networks’ article “Competing for Patients” outlines the new realities of patient acquisition.

To make sure you are on the forefront og this trend:

  • Rethink your business models
  • Challenge fundamental assumptions about your markets, who their customers are, what products and services they should offer, and how they should bring them to market.

Hospitals and Health Networks suggests the number on thing your consumer wants is to avoid a stay in the hospital. As one hospital executive puts it, “If we’re really providing health care, we’re putting ourselves out of business as we’ve traditionally known it.”

A Winning Value Proposition

Imagine a single health care organization, with:

  • the whole range of clinical expertise you’re ever likely to need over the course of your lifetime;
  • integration of this expertise into new care approaches with evidence of great outcomes;
  • the flexibility to provide the least intrusive and most convenient form of health care possible in any circumstance;
  • clear pricing of a range of service options to make it easy to purchase only what you need;
  • seamless transfer between care options; and
  • a single, comprehensive personal medical record that all of your care providers use to integrate and coordinate your care.

As a marketer, you may not be able to create an integrated care path overnight. You can accentuate the key points and implement operation elements which facilitate the patient experience. A few examples include:

  • Care coordinator
  • Nurse Triage to funnel patients to the correct treatment course
  • Call center “hospitality plan”



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