Drive Patient Volume With a Positive Patient Experience

Defining an operational procedure and adhering to it for each marketing campaign will ensure effective ROI reporting and allow for maximum patient conversions to be achieved.

It’s hard enough to drive patient volume through marketing, but when a new patient opt-ins and then has a negative experience, you’ve established a negative relationship typically resulting in a loose of a patient and ill-will which is hard to reverse. It doesn’t have to be that way!

Many hospitals are now requiring all touch points to the patient experience to go through etiquette training.

“May we help you? Telephone firm teaches manners to hospital workers? describes:

telephone firms can teach staff to be more “user-friendly” when dealing with patients. It is part of a reform of “consumer culture” to give a more personal service.

Many times operations falls outside the scope of marketing, but besides checking and rechecking the phone numbers on call to actions, there are many things that should be on a standard checklist for patient acquisition through marketing:

  1. Double check the website or phone number to be listed correctly.
  2. Inform the person responsible for the patient experience of the campaign launch date.
  3. Educate the patient experience manager on the marketing message.
  4. Clearly define a process for the patient experience manager to follow.
  5. Ensure the patients are trackable to appropriately measure ROI.

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