Three Fast Ways to Build General Surgery Volume

If you look at what brings the most bottom line Contribution Margin (or Profit) into your hospitals, it is probably General Surgery. More that Othro, Neuro, Cardio, or Cancer, good ole’ General Surgery brings in the most profit.

But General Surgery is almost never promoted like a service line. It never gets the love like the big sub-specialty procedures. But this Plain Jane is a big bottom line producer. So how do you drive in more of this business?

#1 Emergency Department Promotion

We will talk about all the ways to promote the right kind of ER traffic in another post. But this much is true, the money you spend on driving the community to the ER when they have abdominal pain or any other hard to explain symptoms pays off in spades.

#2 Promoting Minimally Invasive Surgery and Other Technologies

Everybody gets it: a scope through a tiny hole in my belly is much better that cutting me wide open. Studies show that people will drive past other hospitals to go to the one that promotes MIS or da Vinci surgical systems. I know it has been done a million times before, but TV news crews still show up like clockwork when you have a da Vinci peel a grape at one of your community day events.

#3 Hold Nice CME Events For Primary Care Docs

Those over-worked underpaid Primary Care docs do not have time for your lousy demo of a da Vinci or other MIS procedures- they have seen it before. But when you invite them to a genuinely interesting event, they will make time in the schedule to show.

What makes a nice event?

  • First of all, great meaningful information. If doc can really learn something, she will show
  • Secondly, your senior people must attend and be truly grateful and happy to see them. Nothing says love like C-suite participation
  • Bring in a celebrity to talk and meet-n-greet. A sports celebrity is great. Some current newsmaker is even better
  • Great food and drink



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