The “Official Role” of Marketing An Academic Medical Center: Volume Driving!

A report from the American Association of Medical Colleges (AAMC) states that “…marketing’s role is to increase patient volumes into the institution.” I TOLD YOU SO!!!

The report goes on to say that “…academic medical center marketers should assess the likelihood of future market states, understand the dynamics of patient choice, prioritize segments, and optimize the marketing mix accordingly.”

Let’s quickly break this down:

  • “access the likelihood of future market states” This means you need to have an strong and informed opinion about what the trends are in your market and in the legislative process. What will Health Reform do to your Contribution Margin and Volumes? What is the likely change in employment status of your patient community?
  • “understand the dynamics of patient choice” Know your Access Points into the system! Check out for more information
  • “optimize the marketing mix”  “Mix” means there is a right combination of media you should use to maximize your investment in media dollars. Read more on media mix. 

According to the AAMC this is what you should be doing: Driving Volume. And the four points above are how you should be doing it. You ought to print this and hang it by your desk so you see it everyday. It is your key to professional success as a marketer in an academic medical center.



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