11 Easy Steps to Utilize Social Marketing to Increase Patient Volume

Social Marketing can be your #1 tool in increasing patient volume if you keep it simple. Implement a strategic program focused on the benefits to your target audience- then automate it to fit into your busy schedule.

By spending 30 days setting-up the program and creating background content, the launch of your social marketing program will gain traction quickly and you will see increased volume coming in your doors.

Everyone is talking about social media and marketing programs, but very few hospitals are executing social media successfully. That means that you have a big opportunity to utilize social marketing to increase patient volume in a unique and truly differentiating way.

To keep your program on track, focus on these easy 11 guidelines to increasing patient volume through a social marketing.

  1. Define your specific target audience
  2. Specific message creates a point of differentiation
  3. Speak in your own personal voice
  4. Seek to be your audiences’ #1 resource
  5. Your blog is your focal point
  6. Utilize all social marketing platforms- not just Facebook and Twitter
  7. Share your benefits and content more than your capabilities
  8. Systematize: clearly define internal roles and adhere to timelines
  9. Manage with efficiency by repurposing information and automating your social media presence
  10. Be Timeless in your writing style
  11. Have an action point relevant to your target audience

I know 11 steps are a lot to digest in one post; I can’t just boil it down to “3 Easy Steps“. BUT I will be thrilled to explain these steps to any hospital marketer that gives us a call. I am so excited about what this can do for a hospital’s or service line’s reputation that I am always ready to spread the word.



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