To Increase Clinical Volume Opt-In Marketing Is Not Optional

Your advertising is not working to drive patients into the health system but a conversation with patients will drive measurable business. The key to success is using Opt-In Marketing.

Opt-In Marketing is nothing more than giving a prospective patient the option to give you their contact information and get into a dialog with you. Sometimes this is also referred to as Consensual Marketing or Permission Marketing.

The basic idea is to transform your marketing from a one-way message to an interactive dialogue. This defines value by the unique and individualized way your patent (or prospective patient) defines it – not the way your doctors or marketing department defines value. This will dramatically increase ROI, and better yet, make it measurable ROI.

This is an interactive strategy you must implement immediately. Why? The numbers are overwhelming:

  • We know that 67% of all prospective elective patients search the internet before making a provider decision. (Let’s remember that most cancer surgeries, for instance, are technically elective.)
  • Over 85% of all physicians are routinely on the internet to find prescribing and clinical information
  • Once the patient gets into a conversation with a second opinion provider, they have an over 75% chance of selecting that provider
  • Computer-based patient inquiries have a much higher probability of a great payer than telephone-base inquiries

So what are your immediate next steps?

  1. Use patient research and CRM to understand the targeted patients’ communication needs and preferences
  2. Integrate the interactive opportunities into all your advertising and messaging- meaning make sure all messages offer and opportunity to find you online
  3. Redesign your web presence to optimize the patient experience
  4. Then collect information from online interactions to begin to establish metrics so continuous improvement can become routine



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