To Build Great Patient Volumes- Stop Bragging And Start Being Selfless

Resist the temptation to tell the world how great your outcomes are, and your patient volumes will increase.

They key is to get out into your communities and do something of value for the people like wellness training, early detection, and prevention information. This is how patients actually get into the system when they need your services.

Nobody Sees an Advertisement And Chooses a Hospital That Way

An example: You can talk till you are blue in face about your world-class CV team, for instance, but when a consumer has a heart attack the ambulance takes then to the nearest ER.

Referral Patterns Don’t Change Because of Your “Branding

The fastest way to get new patients into the hospital for procedures is to get them to a risk assessment event or informational seminar. OR provide an online risk assessment with an “opt-in opportunity” to be vetted by a nurse over the phone- with an appointment offered if necessary.

Another example: When you do something important and helpful for women- like make mammograms available after work and on Saturday mornings – those women choose your breast program. Why? Because even though they have gone to a great OB/GYN practice, the reality is that physicians in today’s world do not have time to do anything extra for their patients. They are too busy with the high traffic coming through their office.

It sounds like a hackneyed old cliche’ but it still is true- especially in the hospital business: You do well by doing good.



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