A Social Marketing Strategy Unites an Organization While Driving Patient Volume

An effective social marketing strategy not only increases patient volume, but unites your organization behind a common goal and result.

The key to a successful implementation is a system with clearly defined roles and responsibilities that can be managed with efficiency.

Your patients are venturing online for more and more health information, so it only makes sense for you to meet them online. Sounds easy enough, but in a large hospital you likely face many obstacles to a successful social marketing strategy including:

  • A lack of control and consistency in your messaging
  • Unfocused key knowledge and resources dispersed throughout the organization
  • Busy schedules prevent a consistent translatation of knowledge to patients

In 45 days, you can develop a system and efficiencies which overcome your challenges and launch you into the online arena.


Your social marketing plan has 4 main roles:

  • Framework Development
  • Content Development
  • Messaging Dissemination
  • Maintenance

By assigning specific roles and responsibilities throughout your organization, everyone is invested. For example, a physician or nurse could be tasked with identifying topics which another member of the team turns into relevant content for your patients.

Or, a service line leader could be asked to put presentations they create on sites like slideshare. Suddenly, everyone is working to together so no one person feels the burden of planing, and nor can they slow the progress.


The system you created is based on the goals, target and point of differentiation determined in the planning phase. Because all the content is focused on the same goal you will be able to manage with efficiency by repurposing and automating your information dissemination.

This means “you” will be tweeting every hour of every day, but spending less than 2 hours a week adjusting your plan.

Sounds good to me!



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